About Us

ImageReliance Home Health Services, Inc. Doing Business As Encore Home Healthcare Services, Inc. is your most reliable partner in managing your health. We provide home health services to patients of all ages. Our nurses and therapists are well-trained, educated and very compassionate in caring for pediatric patients, adult patients and seniors who are homebound with an illness or injury.

We also provide supplementary health services for the patient after hospitalization. This is a way to prevent re-hospitalization or health complications after they have been discharged from hospital care. It is also a way to enhance the quality of life that clients live at home. Because our nurses and therapists will be visiting you at home, you get the ultimate convenience of privacy and comfort. It is a unique way to getting health services – the kind that will enable you to stay at home close to the love and support of your family.

Mission Statement

Reliance Home Health Services, Inc.‘s mission is to provide prime healthcare services for our patients after hospitalization. We understand that being discharged in a skilled care facility doesn’t mean that the patient has fully recovered that is why we are here to provide them with a personalized and efficient care plan to help them redeem their independence at the soonest time possible.

Start your home health care program today! Call 708-374-4468 for more information. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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